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Contributors from Asclepius include:

Ronald L. Boostrom

Donal T. Conley, M.D.

Murray N. Rothbard

(Professor M.E. Grenander gave Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D. permission for these proceedings to be republished here at the Szasz site approximately one month before she died. The articles constituting Volumes I and II will be added over time until the complete proceedings are included--JAS.
Copyright 1998, the estate of M.E. Grenander.)

Asclepius at Syracuse:
Thomas Szasz, Libertarian Humanist

17-19 April, 1980
in the
Alumni House--Conference Center

Compiled by
M.E. Grenander, Director
The Institute for Humanistic Studies
State University of new York at Albany

Volumes One and Two

"Respect for the individual and his choices forms the backbone of my moral and political position."
--Thomas S. Szasz

Sponsors of Asclepius at Syracuse:

The Institute for Humanistic Studies, SUNYA
(M.E. Grenander, Director)

in collaboration with

College of Humanities and Fine Arts, SUNYA
(John W. Shumaker, Dean)

"Conversations in the Disciplines," SUNY
(Clifton R. Wharton, Jr., Chancellor)

and New York State Office of Mental Health
(James A. Prevost, Commissioner)

with financial support from

NYEA/NEA on behalf of SUNY Alliance
(Sharon Villines, Chair)

The Sponsors gratefully acknowledge the contributions toward funding made by Dr. Robert Seidenberg and The Fred C. Koch Foundation.

Papers presented in parallel sessions analyze Szasz's works and their implications, tracing his influence on paradigm shifts in psychiatry and psychology, establishing a context in history and literature from which to examine his perspective on culturally determined institutions for oppression, locating him in the humanistic tradition, and exploring his role in the development of changing attitudes toward social and legal controls vs. civil rights.

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