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Fatal Freedom
The Ethics and Politics of Suicide

By Thomas Szasz
Praeger Trade 1999 224 pages. 0-275-96646-1 C6646 $25.95

"Szasz strikes yet another blow for clarity, dignity, and liberty. . . "
--Sheldon Richman, Editor
The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty

". . . a genuine contribution in advancing the current discourse on matters of profound moment to us all."
--Irving Louis Horowitz
Professor of Sociology & Political Science
Rutgers University

"This is an important book written with the clariy and unassailable logic which we have come to associate with Szasz. It is a work of scholarship which is immediately accessible and addresses a major issue in our society. It must be read!"
--Professor James McCormick,
Trinity College, University of Dublin

Fatal Freedom is an eloquent defense of every individual's right to choose a voluntary death. The belief that we can speak about suicide calmly and rationally, as is done in this book, and that we can ultimately accept suicide as part of the human condition. This important work asks and points to clear, intelligent answers to some of the most significant ethical questions of our time.

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