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Pictures from the 2003 Szasz Awards, November 10, 2003, at the home of Andrea and Howard Rich, New York City

  • Andrea Rich welcoming everyone and opening the awards ceremony.

  • Andrea making a point.

  • Andrea making another point!

  • Andrea presenting a framed photograph of the Statue of Liberty to Tom Szasz from the Awards Committee.

  • Tom giving thanks and remarks.

  • Andrea and Jeff Schaler listening to Tom

  • Jeff reading the introduction of Ward Connerly written by Manny Klausner (who was not able to attend the ceremony) and the introduction of Anthony Stadlen.

  • Schaler presenting Ward with his award, on behalf of the Szasz Awards Committee.

  • Ward Connerly giving his acceptance remarks.

  • Another picture of Ward.

  • Thomas Szasz and Ward Connerly.

  • Jeff and Andrea presenting the Szasz Award to Tony.

  • Another picture of Tony receiving the award.

  • Anthony Stadlen giving his acceptance remarks.

  • Another picture of Tony.

  • Thomas Szasz, Ward Connerly, and Anthony Stadlen.

  • John Stossel, Thomas Szasz, and Andrea Rich.

  • Irving Louis Horowitz and Tom Szasz.

  • Peter Swales, Tom Szasz, Tony Stadlen, and Jeff Schaler relaxing at dinner after the show.


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