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On November 28, 2009, additions to the Szasz site included

The Shame of Medicine: Conviction by Psychiatry

November 15, 2009, additions included

Psychiatry: The Shame of Medicine

The Burden of Responsibility (repaired)

Several new scheduled speaking engagements in Europe

July 11, 2009, additions included

The Shame of Medicine: The Case of Alan Turing

All In The Mind "Thomas Szasz of Myth of Mental Illness Fame Speaks," Apr 3, 2009

"Szasz Hates Laing," in Critics' Corner

Szasz Speaks in California at the Erickson Conference, December 2009

January 6, 2009, additions included

The therapeutic state - The burden of responsibility

Anti-coercion is not anti-psychiatry

June 17, 2008, additions included

Treatments Without Diseases

New book announcement . . . Psychiatry: The Science of Lies

Vote Thomas Szasz to the Libertarian Hall of Fame!

February 19, 2008 additions included

The Medicalization of Everyday Life

Medicalizing quackery

Defining psychiatry

Therapeutic censorship

May 17, 2007, additions included

A new section entitled "Szasz Speaks", with the first essay entitled "Essence or existence: The problem of psychiatry-schizophrenia"

April 5, 2007, additions included

On not admitting error

January 4, 2007, additions included

Psychiatry: A branch of the law

November 11, 2006, additions included

The therapeutic temptation

September 3, 2006, additions included

"Mental illness: Sickness or status?"

Link to "The Myth of Thomas Szasz" by Jeffrey Oliver, in Szasz materials

August 8, 2006, additions included

"Fear and folly: Bertrand Russell, C.S. Lewis, and the existential identity thief."

New materials from René Talbot, in Szasz materials

Rede zu Ehren von Thomas Szasz bei der Verleihung des Freiheits-Preises der Irren-Offensive, die "Goldene Taschenlampe", am 9. Nov 2002 in Syracuse, USA

Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry

Freedom of Thought

Foucault Tribunal zur Lage der Psychiatrie

International Association Against Psychiatric Assault, Riehen, Switzerland

July 11, 2006, additions included

"Mental illness as brain disease: A brief history lesson."

July 10, 2006, additions to the Szasz site included

Various articles posted at

Szasz materials

New and forthcoming book announcements posted on the home page

Announcements regarding speaking engagements


October 6, 2005, additions included:

  • Liberty, not secularism, is the issue. In "Will secularism survive?" (Symposium). Free Inquiry, 25, 43-44 (October/November).

  • "'Idiots, infants, and the insane': Mental illness and legal incompetence."

    May 27, 2005, additions included:

  • "College Suicide: Caveat Vendor" by Thomas Szasz

    May 16, 2005, additions included:

    Eleven contributions from undergraduate students

  • Anti-Drug Public Service Announcements: Progress or Placebos?
    by Kevin Wadzuk, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Violations of the Rights of the "Mentally Ill" in the District of Columbia
    by Kevin Wadzuk, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • A Dangerous Diagnosis: The Social Construction of Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder Among Children, and Its' Treatment
    by Molly DeFelice, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Shift in the Supreme Court
    by Judy Wong, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Authority, Morality and Civil Disobedience
    by Daniel Lobsenz, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Underdeveloped Diagnoses: Questioning Infant Mental Health
    by Abby Parker, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Changing Views of Drugs and Consciousness
    by Jennifer Mitradarmbidhaks, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Social Morality and Misplaced Responsibility: HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma
    by Amelia A. Pape, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • My Evolving Views on Drugs and Human Consciousness
    by Julian Cooney, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • How to Tell if Someone is Faking It. Pain that is.
    by Amanda Quemore, American University, Washington, D.C.

  • Juicing: Congress' War on Steroids
    by Robert Kimball, American University, Washington, D.C.

    April 16, 2005, additions included:

    Photographs and some remarks at the REASON banquet honoring Thomas Szasz on the occasion of his 85th birthday, I Ricchi restaurant, Washington, DC, April 15, 2005

    March 22, 2005, additions included:

    "Benjamin Rush and 'Medical Marijuana'"

    January 2, 2005, additions included:

    Undergraduate contributions, including:

    "Medical Marijuana: Drug Free or Less Free?" by Grant W. Smith

    "Methadone Maintenance," by Delores Thomas

    December 31, 2004, additions included:

    Richman materials, including

  • "Republicans Have the Family Under Attack."

  • "States Should End the Drug War."

  • "A Good Way to Spend Thanksgiving?"

  • "Science versus Science."

  • "Bush's Brave New World."

  • "When Force Masquerades as Social Science."

  • "Is Neuroscience Blind?"

  • "Was the Beautiful Mind Sick?"

  • "Why Do Libertarians Ignore the Therapeutic State?"

  • "Drugs and Schooling: The Meaning of State Education."

    December 30, 2004, additions included:

    Stadlen materials, including

  • "Medical Daseinsanalysis" and "The Holiness Code and 'Psychotherapy'"

  • "The Hare as a Hieroglyph of 'To Be'"

  • "Into that Darkness 30 Years On

  • "Inner Circle Seminar: The Psychology of Extermination"

    December 29, 2004, additions included:

    Szasz materials, including

    "Primum Nocere"

    "Psychiatric 'Services'"

    Undergraduate contributions, including:

  • Deprivation of Liberty by Subliminal Means by Zach Garrett

  • How Hard is It to Say "I Do"? by Alicia Krawitz

  • State-Sponsored Discrimination: The Marriage of Politics, Religion, and Morality by Veronica Adams

  • The Epidemic of Over-Prescribing by Madeline Hebbel

    "The Andrea Yates Trial: It Didn't Have To Happen That Way" by Rick Giombetti

    October 31, 2004, additions included:

    Announcement of the 2004 Szasz Civil Liberty Awardees and pictures from the event

    July 20, 2004, additions included:

    A letter was added in the "Letters" section.

    On July 12, 2004, additions to the Szasz site included:

    "A House of Aces"

    Announcement regarding Szasz Under Fire: The Psychiatric Abolitionist Faces His Critics, edited by Jeffrey A. Schaler, published by Open Court Publishers, Chicago.

    June 1, 2004, additions included:

    On Autogenic Diseases

    May 19, 2004, additions included:

    "The Right to Self-Harm: Legal Issues Concerning Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment for Self-Injury" by Kristin Carr Undergraduate writings

    May 12, 2004, additions included:

    Sheldon Richman's page with many articles and links

    "Testamentary Capacity" by Judy Wong in Undergraduate writings

    March 10, 2004, additions included:

    Curriculum Vitae of Thomas S. Szasz

    Remarks at the 35th Anniversary and Human Rights Award Dinner by Thomas Szasz, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, February 28, 2004

    Taking Dialogue as Therapy Seriously: "Words Are the Essential Tool of Treatment" by Thomas Szasz

    Obesity in the Young by Thomas Szasz

    Psychiatric Slavery? by Thomas Szasz

    Self-Ownership or Suicide Prevention? by Thomas Szasz

    Civil Liberties and Civil Commitment by Thomas Szasz

    Limbaugh's Disease by Thomas Szasz

    Taking Drug Laws Seriously, II by Thomas Szasz

    Marijuana Medicalization: Bad Cause, Bad Faith by Thomas Szasz

    Psychiatry and the Control of Dangerousness: On the Apotropaic Function of the Term "Mental Illness" by Thomas Szasz

    The Psychiatric Protection Order for the "Battered Mental Patient" by Thomas Szasz

    Some additions to "For the Record"

    November 23, 2003, additions included:

    2003 Szasz Award materials with pictures

    November 16, 2003, additions included:

    Materials from the American Hungarian Foundation's George Washington Award dinner on November 11, 2003, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, Thomas S. Szasz recipient

    August 18, 2003, additions included:

    Unequal Justice for All by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    The Secular Cure of Souls: "Analysis" or Dialogue? by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    The cure of souls in the therapeutic state by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    A letter from Phil Conti

    July 9, 2003, additions included:

    "Death by assimilation?" by Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker

    June 30, 2003, additions included:

    New publications by Thomas Szasz including information about WORDS TO THE WISE: A Medical-Philosophical Dictionary

    June 26, 2003, additions included:

    "'A poor model for those in training': The case of Thomas Szasz." Existential Analysis, 14.2, July 2003 [PDF] in Stadlen materials

    Anthony Stadlen's Inner Circle Seminars for 2003-2004

    May 15, 2003, additions included:

    The myth of health insurance by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    May 12, 2003, additions included:

    Videotapes of two Szasz lectures at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, November 21 & 22, 2002, now available for purchase

    April 25, 2003, additions included:

    Transcript of "Should States Be Allowed to Confine Sex Offenders to Mental Hospitals After They've Served Their Criminal Sentences?," August 19, 1997

    April 3, 2003,included:

    Remember psychiatric patient's civil rights by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    March 20, 2003, additions included:

    Parity or prevarication? by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    February 13, 2003, additions included:

    Opiate of the Masses by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    February 11, 2003, additions included:

    Thomas Szasz: In Conversation with Alan Kerr Psychiatric Bulletin (1997) in Szasz Materials

    February 10, 2003, additions included:

    Home page was rearranged to create "Items of Interest"

    "The enemy of my enemies is my friend" to clear up the lies and confusion concerning Szasz and Scientology

    January 29, 2003, additions included:

    New student contributions:

    Abortion: The Ultimate Crime or the Perfect Answer? by Jeri-Faye Cohen

    January 22, 2003, additions included:

    New student contributions:

    Lessons Not Learned by Cynthia Trimmer

    Defending the Rights of Convicted Sex Offenders by Leonard D. Jukkala

    January 13, 2003, additions included:

    Taking Drug Laws Seriously in Szasz Materials

    New student contributions:

    Our Right to Suicide by Kristin Carr

    A Hypocritical Society: Participation in Legal Activities May Be Deemed Criminal by Sarah Rothlisberg

    Some materials from Ken Kesey

    November 24, 2002, additions included:

    Mental Illness: From Shame to Pride in Szasz Materials

    2002 Szasz Award materials

    Some interesting statements by E. Fuller Torrey in "For the Record"

    September 10, 2002, additions included:

    Straight Talk About Suicide in Szasz Materials

    July 23, 2002, additions included:

    Digital photographs of Thomas Szasz

    May 16, 2002, additions included:

    Hayek and Psychiatry in Szasz Materials

    May 14, 2002, additions included:

    "The Maternity Hospital and the Mental Hospital" in Szasz Materials

    A letter with Albert Ellis' opinion of Thomas Szasz and mental illness

    April 29, 2002, additions included:

    "The Psychiatrist as Accomplice" in Szasz Materials

    April 19, 2002, additions included:

    "Suicide Bomber, to Be Precise" in Szasz Materials

    April 4, 2002, additions included:

    "Is Depression a Disease?,"March 31, 1998

    PDF version

    On March 30, 2000, the Szasz site moved from www.enabling.org/ia/szasz to www.szasz.com

    March 18, 2002, additions included:

    "Parity for mental illness, disparity for mental patients" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    February 26, 2002, additions included:

    A picture of some of the symposium participants April 15, 2000 in Symposium Materials"

    February 5, 2002, additions included:

    "Rothbard on Szasz" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    January 22, 2002, additions included:

    Patient or prisoner? by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    January 13, 2002, additions included:

    "Kevorkian warps the value he touts" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    January 8, 2002, additions included:

    "Mises on Psychiatry" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    January 7, 2002, additions included:

    New book by Thomas Szasz: Liberation By Oppression: A Comparative Study of Slavery and Psychiatry

    New student contributions:

    "School Violence: America's Newest Nonexistent Public Health Threat" by Ryan Daviduke

    "Deprivation of Liberty and the Psychiatric Patient: Involuntary Civil Commitment and Treatment" by Lauren Miller

    "A review of Fatal Freedom" by Lauren Miller

    "The Right to Die: A Genuine Right or Not?" by Mark Mathis

    December 11, 2001 included:

    Special issue of Thomas Szasz: Moral Philosopher of Psychiatry, Review of Existential Psychology & Psychiatry is available again through the Szasz site.

    December 11, 2001 included:

    "No to Mental-Health Parity Bill" by Jeffrey A. Schaler

    December 9, 2001 additions included:

    "Assisted Suicide is Bootleg Suicide" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    November 23, 2001, additions included:

    Correspondence between Ken Kesey and Thomas Szasz (1963)

    November 16, 2001, additions included:

    "Thomas Szasz, MD: Philosopher, Psychiatrist, Libertarian" by Eric V.D. Luft, Ph.D., M.L.S. Cover story of Summer 2001 issue of Upstate Medical University Alumni Association Journal in Szasz Materials

    Introduction of Ron Leifer, MD, on receiving the 2001 Szasz Award

    November 11, 2001, additions included:

    Pictures from the 2001 Szasz Civil Liberties Award Ceremony

    November 8, 2001, additions included:

    "Mental illness: psychiatry's phlogiston" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    November 6, 2001, additions included:

    "The Lying Truths of Psychiatry" by Thomas Szasz. Journal of Libertarian Studies, 3: 121-139 Summer, 1979. Note: The link is in Szasz Materials to the article at the Mises website

    "Of Graver Import Than History: Psychiatry in Fiction" by M.E. GrenanderJournal of Libertarian Studies, 2: 29-44 Note: The link is in M.E. Grenander page to the article at the Mises website

    October 30, 2001, additions included:

    Ron Leifer, MD and Nat Hentoff Receive the Szasz Civil Liberties Award for 2001! (Link to LaissezFaire Books Press Release) (Link is on Szasz site home page)

    October 22, 2001, additions included:

    A letter from Sir Isaiah Berlin to David Herman, June 14, 1988, and more

    September 18, 2001, additions included:

    Comments by Robert Coles in "For the Record."

    September 17, 2001, additions included:

    The Psychiatric Collaborator as "Critic" by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    August 27, 2001, additions included:

    Beware of Pharmacracy by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    July 18, 2001, additions included:

    Court decisions regarding mental health law citing the views of Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    July 8, 2001, additions included:

    Portrait of Thomas Szasz by Jerome P. Witkin in Szasz Materials

    The Bought Mind by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    A photograph of Thomas Szasz autographing the new Hungarian translation of Ceremonial Chemistry in Budapest, Hungary, June 2001 in Szasz Materials

    June 23, 2001, additions included:

    A letter from M.L. Herrin, Vice President of "10 O'Clock People" in the Voice of America transcript of Schaler's "media transcripts" page

    June 11, 2001, additions included:

    Suicide and Psychiatry: Canadian Medical Asociation Journal. Note: This link takes you to CMAJ; or you can read a text copy here: Latowsky and Schaler on Links on Szasz on Suicide: CMAJ June 12, 2001

    June 8, 2001, additions included:

    "Placebos, Healing and a Mother's Kiss," New York Times, May 29, 2001, by Thomas Szasz

    June 7, 2001, additions included:

    Transcript of "Is Addiction a Choice?" from Voice of America's Talk to America, with Jeffrey A. Schaler, Elizabeth Whelan, and Gilbert Ross, May 31, 2001

    Audrey Kishline's "accident": Can controlled-drinking programs kill? Psychnews International, May 2001

    Additions to "Imitation . . . "

    Addition to "Speaking Engagements"

    Ceremonial Chemistry is translated into Hungarian

    May 22, 2001, additions included:

    State University of New York, Upstate Medical University, Honorary Degree Recipient's Remarks, May 21, 2001
    in Szasz Materials

    May 21, 2001, additions included:

    Kevorkian, Lies, and Suicide by Thomas Szasz in Szasz Materials

    April 26, 2001, additions included:

    A letter from Thomas G. Gutheil, M.D. to Jeffrey A. Schaler in Critics' Corner

    "Flawed Argument," by Arieh Shalev, M.D., in Critics' Corner

    April 16, 2001, additions included:

    Letters section

    April 14, 2001 additions included:

    "The Therapeutic State: The Tyranny of Pharmacracy," by Thomas S. Szasz. The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy, Volume 5, Number 4, Spring 2001

    April 10, 2001 additions included:

    Dr. Richard Vatz debates Dr. Richard Ratner on CROSSFIRE, January 31, 1992 [transcript]

    March 30, 2001 additions included:

    Law Professors George J. Alexander (recipient of the 2001 Szasz Award) and George Fletcher debate the Insanity Defense on "Justice Talking" (NPR) at Penn, November 20, 2000[Note: No direct link, search archives]

    March 27, 2001 additions included:

    "Should Employers Have to Accommodate the Mentally Ill?" Debatesdebates transcript, Show #202, taped June 3, 1997.

    March 26, 2001 additions included:

    Stanton Peele on what addiction is and is not, Critics' Corner

    March 20, 2001 additions included:

    "Sick, sick, sick." Edgar Z. Friedenberg's review of Foucault's Madness and Civilization, August 22, 1965, The New York Times. [Link on Links/Related Items page]

    Ashley Montague on Thomas Szasz and what criminals need. [Critics' Corner].

    Additions to For the Record

    March 19, 2001 additions included:

    Cathy Young, Contributing Editor, REASON Magazine, on Thomas Szasz and the myth of mental illness. [In Critics' Corner]

    March 15, 2001, additions included:

    "More than a woman: What it means to be 'female' is on trial," by Dr. Tana Dineen, The Ottawa Citizen, March 16, 2001

    "With Friends Like These, Pity America's Kids," by Thomas Szasz, Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times, March 15, 2001 [In "Szasz Materials" page]

    March 14, 2001, additions included:

    A letter to the editor, New York Times, by Thomas Szasz, March 13, 2001

    March 9, 2001, additions included:

    "Mental Disorders are Not Diseases," by Thomas Szasz, January, 2000

    March 7, 2001 additions included:

    A letter from Alan Palma, Senior at American University's School of Public Affairs, in the Letters section

    March 3, 2001,additions included:

    Link to Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies - by Stephen Downes, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on the Links page

    Three new letters in the Letters section including
    3 cartoons drawn and sent in just for the Szasz site
    and special materials from l'Académie Européenne des Sciences.

    Speaking engagement at Cazenovia College, NY, March 27

    Affirmative Chemical Action by Thomas Szasz, M.D. in Szasz Materials

    March 2, 2001, additions included:

    "On Myths and Countermyths" by Ronald Pies, M.D. in Critics' Corner

    February 22, 2001, additions included:

    "Thomas Szasz: Asking Simple Questions," by Anthony Stadlen. Hermeneutic Circular: Newsletter of the Society for Existential Analysis, April 2000, pp. 12-14

    "Szasz's 80th Birthday: Symposium at Syracuse," by Anthony Stadlen

    February 22, 2001, additions included:

    "Critique of Medical-Coercive Psychiatry." Remarks by Ron Leifer, M.D.
    On the Symposium page

    The Mitigation of Emotional Distress Damages by Eugene Kontorovich, University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, Illinois (2001)

    "Review and Notes by Anthony Stadlen of Cassandra's Daughter: A History of Psychoanalysis in Europe and America." [PDF file]
    On the Anthony Stadlen page

    February 20, 2001, additions included:

    PDF versions of debatesdebates transcripts added

    More PDF versions of debatesdebates added

    Link to Anthony Stadlen letter to BMJ re Summerfield on "Imitation . . ." page

    February 17, 2001, additions included:

    New material in For the Record

    February 12, 2001, additions included:

    "Insanity defence set to be scrapped," The Times (London), February 14, 2001

    Additions to "Imitation . . . "

    A letter from "JulieAnn"

    February 11, 2001,additions included:

    Additions to "Imitation . . . "

    February 7, 2001 additions included:

    Debatesdebates transcript, "Is An Egalitarian Healthcare Workable?," taped August 19, 1997

    January 25, 2001, additions included:

    Debatesdebates transcript, "Is Abstinence the Answer to Alcoholism?," taped November 19, 1997

    January 22, 2001, additions included:

    Link to the PsychotherapistResources.com interview with Szasz conducted by Randall C. Wyatt, Ph.D. on the Szasz home page

    January 13, 2001, additions included:

    Undergraduate writing by Karen Trout, "Child Abuse or Discipline: The Thin Line"

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    January 8, 2001, additions included: "Suicide as a Moral Problem" by Thomas Szasz in the July 1999 issue of The Freeman

    January 7, 2001, additions included:


    Ross Levatter, M.D.'s review of Fatal Freedom in the January 2001 issue of Ideas on Liberty

    "Public Schools as Drug Delivery Systems" by Thomas Szasz in the January 2001 issue of Ideas on Liberty

    "Gullible Skeptics" by Thomas Szasz in the January 2001 issue of Ideas on Liberty

    January 1, 2001 additions included:

    Undergraduate writing by James Pearlstein, paper entitled "Mandatory Schooling"

    December 30, 2000, additions included:

    "Thomas Szasz's Personalist and Ethical Conception of the Cause and Cure of Character, Conduct, and Conflict." Remarks by Zvi Lothane, M.D.

    Undergraduate writing by Teresa Smith, paper entitled "Legalizing Prostitution: A Step Towards Freedom"

    December 28, 2000, additions included

    Remarks by Alexander, Borelli, Spillane, and Vatz for the Szasz Symposium in April 2000

    New undergraduate student writings, "Deprivation of Life, Liberty and Property: The Newest U.S. Aid Package to Colombia," by Adam Choka, and "Control of Suicide," by Melissa Marth

    Speaking engagement in Los Angeles

    Another addition to "Critics' Corner"

    October 26, 2000 additions included

    Critics Corner; plus some new links on the links page.

    July 22, 2000 additions included two new letters.

    July 13, 2000, additions included

    "The future of psychotherapy," interview in New Therapist, January/February 2000 (links page)

    June 30, 2000, additions included

    The REASON Magazine Interview July 2000 (on the home page)

    June 24, 2000, additions included

    Update to Szasz publications list

    Speaking engagements updated

    Various new links

    How Can Privacy be Protected in the New Digital Age?

    Spontaneous Order and Urban Sprawl

    Some updates on Schaler page

    As of May 18, 2000, additions included

    Response to Mike Marek

    Link to E. James Lieberman, MD's Otto Rank Website

    May 4, 2000, additions included

    Link to MASTER ICONOCLAST A Celebration of Thomas Szasz by Ralph Raico, October 1990

    Szasz interview with Ross Levatter, MD, Spring, 1993

    British Medical Journal mentions the Szasz Site in Website of the Week, July 24, 1999

    "Gay Rights on the Right," by Paul Varnell, October, 13, 1999

    News story on how access to the Szasz site was blocked at a public library in Indiana, December, 1998

    Towson University Szasz Commencement Addresss, May, 1999

    Conferring of Honorary Degree to Szasz, Towson University, May, 1999

    Audiotapes from Los Angeles Center Szasz talks, September, 1999

    Six undergraduate student contributions

    Symposium materials, Upstate Update, A Letter from Azerbaijan Psychologists, Greetings from the Department of Psychiatry, "Electro-Shock: Epitomizing the Myth"

    R.D. Laing's "Round the Bend" at Stadlen page

    Update of Stadlen seminars

    Letter, "Your misguided crusade must stop"

    News items, interviews, etc., and book listings


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