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Symposium Materials:

· Photograph of Drs. Jeffrey A. Schaler and Nelson Borelli, Symposium Co-chairs

· Photograph of Some of the Symposium Participants

· Symposium Program

· Upstate Update

· A Letter from Azerbaijan Psychologists

· Greetings from the Department of Psychiatry by Mantosh Dewan, M.D.

· "Forty Years of Consequences."
Remarks by Nelson Borelli, M.D.

· "The State's Insatiable Need to Incarcerate Those Who Frighten It."
Remarks by George J. Alexander, JSD

· "Critique of Medical-Coercive Psychiatry."
Remarks by Ron Leifer, M.D.

· "Electroshock -- Epitomizing the Myth."
Remarks by John M. Friedberg, M.D.

· "Thomas Szasz's Personalist and Ethical Conception of the Cause and Cure of Character, Conduct, and Conflict."
Remarks by Zvi Lothane, M.D.

· "Therapeutic Paternalism in Australia: A Szaszian Critique of Repetition Strain Injury (RSI)."
Remarks by Professor Robert Spillane

· "Thomas Szasz: Rhetoric and Mental Illness."
Remarks by Richard Vatz, Ph.D.

· "Thomas Szasz's Impact on Political Issues: Two Examples from Germany."
Remarks by René Talbot

· Introduction Letter
· Accommodations
· Registration Form
· Driving Directions


"Liberty and/or Psychiatry?:

40 Years After

the Myth of Mental Illness"

A Special Symposium in Honor of

Thomas S. Szasz’s 80th Birthday

April 15, 2000, 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Weiskotten Auditorium

SUNY Health Science Center Syracuse, Syracuse, New York

$50.00 (includes lunch)

Student rate: $10.00

- Co-chairs of the Symposium -

Nelson Borelli, MD and Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

With generous support from the

Department of Psychiatry, Health Science Center Syracuse, SUNY, Syracuse, New York


George J. Alexander, JSD, Professor of Law and

Director of the Institute of International and Comparative Law, Santa Clara University

Nelson Borelli, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Northwestern University

Donal T. Conley, MD, Psychiatrist, V.A. Outpatient Clinic, Daytona Beach, FL

Robert W. Daly, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Humanities,

SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse

John M. Friedberg, MD, Neurologist, Berkeley, CA

Abraham L. Halpern, MD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, New York Medical College

Keith Hoeller, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Green River Community College, WA

Zvi Lothane, MD, Psychoanalyst and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry,

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Ron Leifer, MD, Psychiatrist, Ithaca, NY

James C. Mancuso, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Emeritus, SUNY-Albany

Irwin Savodnik, MD, PhD, Professional Philosopher, clinical faculty member, UCLA School of Medicine; and faculty member, Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute

Jeffrey A. Schaler, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Justice, Law, and Society, American University

Robert Seidenberg, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Syracuse, New York

Anthony Stadlen, MLCP, BCP Reg, UKCP Reg, Psychotherapist and Lecturer, London

Peter J. Swales, Independent Historian, New York City

René Talbot, Board Member, Irren-Offensive (Lunatic Offensive); Lecturer, Freie University Berlin; and Secretary of the planned Russell Tribunal, Berlin

Richard E. Vatz, PhD, Professor of Communication Studies and Mass Communication, Towson University

For more information and registration see the announcement at


or contact Dr. Schaler at jschale@american.edu

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